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Inside Pitch: A’s 1-5 week brings precious few positives

Stumbling through a one-win week, the A's must search to find positives upon which to build.

Raiders release first unofficial depth chart

The Raiders have set their depth for the preseason opener at Arizona this Friday.

Officials suspect pot candy sickened quinceañera guests

Gummy candies that sickened 19 people at a quinceañera party in San Francisco on Saturday appear to have contained...

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    • If anything the 48 Owl could turn around at West Portal Station while the 44 Owl could turn around at either Forest Hill Station or go all the way to its daytime terminal in the Richmond.

      Also, a 19 Polk Owl bus would be a nice addition. The 19 Owl would travel the entire route that the 19 Polk bus currently uses.

      • Although that`s good improvement..for the east side of San Francisco.

        I think there should most focus on improving transit activity on West/Southern side of San Francisco (Sunset-Quintara-Taraval/Sloat /Lake Merced)

        • You have a point. Here’s a few ideas on how to improve the Sunset District’s transportation issues. Extend the 6 Parnassus from its 14th ave terminal loop down to West Portal Station. Increase the frequency of the 6, L, 48, 7, 18, 23, N, 28, NX, 66, 29, 28R, 7R & 7X lines. Have the 7R and 28R operate 7 days a week, also starting at 8am with the last bus at 9pm.

          Make a 29X and an LX. I remember us talking about a 29X route that used Holloway instead of Grafton/Garfield a few months ago. That would definitely make the 29X very quick between CCSF & SF State. Other than that the 29X would follow the normal 29 route. The 29X would serve major stops such as SF State/Stonestown, Sunset Blvd/Judah, Balboa Park BART Station, 25th/Geary, 3rd/Paul, Mission/Persia, etc

          The LX would turn around at Pine/Davis sts with the other AX/BX lines. Its outbound route would be taking Pine st, turning left on Gough, right on Fell, cutting through Golden Gate Park behind the police station and coming out on MLK Drive to Lincoln Way. It would turn left on 7th Ave, taking 7th southbound all the way to Forest Hill Station(7th ave turns into Laguna Honda Blvd at the intersection of Clarendon Ave, 7th Ave and Laguna Honda Blvd), which would be its first stop. From there it would continue turning right (south) on Dewey Blvd to West Portal Station. After stopping at West Portal Station it’ll follow the normal L route. Then after 19th ave, it’ll stop at every stop until the Zoo.

          Finally improving the stops along the L line is another obvious idea, as well. Improving a few stops along the N line(such as both inbound/outbound stops at 19th Ave)wouldn’t hurt, either.

          Also, electrifying the 7,18, 29 and 48 lines would be really useful. Not only would it lessen the pollution, it’d also free up more diesel buses for other routes that need more service such as the 44, 28 or 38 lines.